Traffic Matters

We know that keeping your licence is a top priority when it comes to traffic offences. Brennan & Co will help you to understand the penalties associated with the offence you may have committed, what will happen in court, and what the options are to help you keep your licence, or getting back on the road.
Traffic charges may include offences such as:

  • Drink or drug driving
  • Driving charges including speeding and police pursuit
  • Dangerous and negligent driving
  • Repeat offences and demerit point loss
  • Appealing loss of licence and infringement notices
  • Parking infringement notice appeals
  • Extraordinary drivers licence applications

Brennan & Co has considerable experience in traffic related matters. We know how the courts work and can provide you with real strategies and an effective defence. All of our work is based on thorough research and preparation. We pride ourselves on our transparent approach and our team is always on hand to achieve the best results for you. Get in touch now for your best chance at success.

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