Why Should I talk To a Criminal lawyer

Facing a Criminal Charge can be a daunting prospect. If you are overwhelmed just thinking about it, you are not alone, many have been concerned about the process of taking their matter through the Australian or even Perth Legal System and achieving the best possible result. As many will advise, the securest way to the best possible outcome is to instruct a Perth Criminal Lawyer, who is experienced, in dealing with matters in the Magistrates Court, District Court or the Supreme Court.

Most Criminal Solicitors specialise in specific areas of Criminal Law. For example, Drug Charges, Traffic Related Offences, Drink Driving Offences, Assaults, Criminal Confiscation, Sexual Assault or Narcotic Importation, to list just a few.

If you have been charged, you will have a notice, which advises you of your next Court Appearance. It would be advisable to at least talk to a Lawyer or someone in the Perth Legal fraternity prior to your next appearance to ascertain what charges you are facing, and at the very least be somewhat aware of the potential outcomes and requirements for the appearance.

If you decide to instruct a Perth Criminal Lawyer, that advocate will then proceed to gather all the information from the relevant parties and advise you on the options or avenues available to you. Generally this is where the first benefits of retaining a Perth Legal advocate is realised.

Making a decision on whether to enter a Plea of Guilty, or Not Guilty is not one that should be made lightly. There are benefits in Sentencing for entering a Plea of Guilty at the earliest possible opportunity; however, in some circumstances it may be worth forgoing the benefit of an early Plea to consider your position. This is about weighing up the value of the potential Sentence Discount that will be afforded to you for your early Plea, or the value of forgoing that benefit to carefully consider your position. Here is where a Criminal Lawyer is especially beneficial.

Finally, at your Court appearance, the Criminal Lawyer representing you, will be your advocate, and stand up for you in a legal sense. Even if you enter a Plea of Guilty, your Solicitor can present a Spent Conviction Application, conduct a Plea In Mitigation, apply to have your Bail Conditions Varied and generally limit the adverse effects representing yourself may cause.

Your Liberty is not the only issue involved in facing Criminal Charges or being convicted of a Crime. There are considerations of employment, finance, reputation and mostly your loved ones. Expert advice from the start to the end is what having legal representation is all about.

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